Sunday, March 29, 2009

Perfect Posture

Bitsey sits so perfectly, with all four of her paws touching. Frequently she has her tail wrapped around them as well. Tigger and Copper just sit however. And when Copper sits these days, his tummy "fluff" covers his back feet. Umm, might be time for a diet and exercise program for Copper!


Patti said...

Bitsie's tail looks a lot like Angel's - skinny!
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toners said...

LOL @ the tummy fluff! Sally has that too :)

Jennifer said...

LOL Mischief goes back and forth between proper and not for how he sits... though usually he will start fidgeting if he's not sitting perfectly, until he finally decides to sit with perfect posture. It can be really amusing depending on what he's trying to sit on lol!