Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I call my cats by their nicknames almost as much as I do by their real names!


Bully Boy, Moose Kitty, Kitty Boy, My Baby

Skitsey Bitsey, Psycho Bits, My Bits,
Big Bad Bits

Tigger: Tubby, Tig, Scaredy Cat, Weirdo

Ashley (Still missing you): Pretty, Miss Priss
Her Highness


Sarah C. said...

You have such beautiful furbabies! :) My pair also have a lot of nicknames (and respond to many of them - ha!).

toners said...

Skitsey Bitsey is my favorite! LOL!

Liss said...

I call my pets by nicknames too. I'll have to share them on a post sometime soon.

Laila and Minchie said...

Love the Big Bad Bits! They are all beautiful!

Jennifer said...

Mischief is Mischief, Misterchief (Dad came up with that one - because he's a mister, not a miss), Brat, Baby Dude, fluffball, and so on lol.
On the topic of your cats - I've only met Copper a couple times, I like calling Bitsey "Bits", Tigger is Tig or Tigger, and Ashley was always Ashley. I miss your cats. :(