Saturday, July 26, 2008

Block sale

And then there was the block sale in Willow Glen. There were about 30 homes on three blocks with items out for sale. Most of the stuff was too new for me. I did get a few things at one house; including a lantern look jar, a bronzed baby shoe, an egg basket (love these things, I think they would look so cute filled with ribbon), metal shoes forms? and a cutter quilt.

Estate Sales

Inspired by Lisa, I set out this morning with a list of two estate sales and one block sale. I had my route planned out so as not to waste gas and only got side tracked by three yard sale signs, (all a waste of time). I drove about 32 miles and didn't spend too much money.

At the first estate sale I got hankies, white gloves, white love birds, salt/pepper shakers, beaded purse accessories and a small bag of lace pieces. They had some pretty tea cups but wanted $5 each since they had seen tea cups on eBay for $25 each. And they were pretty set on their prices, since they had "researched" the items.

The second estate sale was two house on one lot. The lady passed away two years ago and the homes have been in trust. Both houses were PACKED with junk. She had cabinets in the back house with decades worth of clothes. Unfortunately they were decades not worth repeating.

I did a lot of digging, fortunately someone else found the spider's nest full of spiders, in a room full of linens. The people running the sale had actually thrown all the linens that weren't in boxes out on the floor in one room. It was a random mess of vintage items and newer tacky stuff.

I left behind a box full of small perfume bottles because they wanted more than I was willing to pay. And I also left behind a few other things. I did score BIG with some vintage buttons. The lady running the sale said she was going to sell all the buttons on eBay but someone found two small containers of buttons in the house. She passed on them and the vintage hankies because she didn't like the prices. And I was in the right place to scoop them up. They gave me a great deal, I think because I was being nice and not complaining about their prices. What a gift!

So I left this estate sale with hankies, buttons, two aprons, two metal birds, two glass jars with needlepoint lids, a glass pitcher with no chips!, some retro Christmas cards, gorgeous cat coasters, and a scrapbook. Oh, about the scrapbook. I read it when I got home. The woman and her mother took a trip by bus from Ohio to NYC in 1935. It has typed journaling and postcards, photos, playbills, receipts etc. And I only got it just because I liked the cover and thought it would look good framed. Turns out to be fun inside too.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

No auctions :-(

I am have auction withdrawls! I have either had another commitment on auction days or there hasn't been anything worth going for.

So the new picture is of Copper, take by Patti G. See his freckles? It is not unusual for orange cats to have "freckles" and he has them on his nose, lips and eyelids

June was great with our Circle Journal retreat. The beach was beautiful, the classes fun, the food delicious and the company outstanding. The week went by too fast.