Sunday, February 8, 2009

Yours Till Niagara Falls

Do you remember autograph books? Not the kind you took to Disneyland but the ones you had your friends sign at school? I think I'm dating myself! I found this book while I was sorting through some of my stuff (still looking for things to do while I am grounded). It was so funny to read through the verses and see how much in our culture has changed. Thank goodness we no longer teach our daughters to worry about about being an old maid and waiting on her husband.... Here's one I liked:

Barbara had a cat.

It swallowed a ball of yarn.
And when the cat had kittens,

They all had sweaters on.


Patti said...

I like this being grounded thing - you keep your blog going!!!
Love this little book, what a keepsake, and yes, I remember I'm in the same club.

toners said...

ROFL!!! How cool to find this!

Sues said...

Not only do I remember, I have one from grade school!!! It even has the pages folded into a triangle where they are signed!!! It was the "in" thing!!!

Sarah C. said...

Too funny! I don't remember this type of autograph books, but the little quote reminds me of a song I learned at camp one year:

Once there was a kitty cat,
And all she ate was yarn,
And when the little kitties came,
They all had sweaters on.

I'm going crazy
Won't you come along?
I'm going crazy
To sing this song

Once there was a little dog
And all she ate was cans,
And when the little puppies came,
They came in black sedans.

I'm going crazy...

At least that's the best my memory can come up with right now. BTW, the tune is now stuck in my head! LOL :D

Debbie said...

Too cute Sarah. I have never heard that song before!