Friday, May 8, 2009

Cat Rubber Stamps

Check out these great Cat rubber stamps for sale as a fundraiser for A Place to Bark (and meow!). Here are some sample cards made by one of the artists, Lydia:


toners said...

Happy Mother's Day, Debbie! xx

Cat Street Boyz said...

Happy Mother's Day, Debbie......had lots of catching up to due, Verizon connection has been crazy! We are just getting over 9 1/2 days of rain and it is sunny now but windy so hopefully I will not get cut off. Your cat collection is very nice especially the mancats with the black top hats...their face reminds me of Teaks. I only came home with a round table the other day for the deck. It's strong so it won't blow over on windy days. I just have to spray paint the base and poly the top to weather proof. Now I am on the look out for 2 chairs. I hope Copper is well, huggs ginger boy! Petguard canned cat food sells a lite food that my 2 ginger boyz are on, they don't need it but they love the taste so much that's all they will eat besides the dry food in the afternoon. Some Giant stores sell it in their organic isle at a good price. =^Y^=Holly