Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Festival

It's that time of year again in Half Moon Bay. My friend Marilyn and I headed over on Friday to avoid the crowds. We spent more than an hour wandering around Farmer John's Pumpkin Farm, where they always put so much time into setting up a harvest wonderland! A tour of the farm on a open trailor pulled by a tractor, hay towers to climb, a John Deere tractor with hay bales piled around it making it safe to climb, a tepee, a tunnel, wagons and wheelbarrows for the pumpkins (and kids) and row after row of every kind of pumpkin you can imagine. In the picture below you can see the rows but look closely at the green field behind and you will see pumpkins that haven't been picked yet. Look even closer at the tiny strip of dark blue in the center, that is the Pacific Ocean. Our visit to HMB always includes a stop at Half to Have It and Moonside Cafe for their delicious pumpkin cookies.
Just outside of HMB on Highway 1, we hit fog that lasted until Pescadero. Then it was sunshine again the rest of the way.
In Santa Cruz we sat and watched the surfers for a while and enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air. Then headed home feeling as if our souls had been refreshed and restored.


Laila and Minchie said...

Much prettier scenery than our dried up cornfields here!

Patti said...

I remember that ride! It refreshes my sould just to read about your adventure & picture it in my mind......especially hot artichoke bread in Pescadaro.