Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday Treasures

Inspired by Liss' post last week, I decided to post some of my own little trinkets and treasures.

I found the vintage kittens found at two different sales. They sit on my desk so I can see them every day. The kitten reading the book is sitting on a little bitty vintage doily.

The wood boxes belonged to my
DH's grandmother and great-
grandmother. They sit on top of my dresser. His grandmothers used them to hold sewing items. I have vintage sewing items in one and vintage desk items in the other (all from his family as well!). The book was a find at an auction and I have a small collection of advertising rulers. Only one is showing in the photo but the rest are laying down in front of the boxes.

A very dear friend of a friend made this quilt for me using scraps that my Mom had been saving her whole adult live to make a quilt! There are fabrics in it the my grandmother had left from clothes she made as well as fabric left from clothes my Mom made. I can still remember the outfits that some of the scraps came from.


Patti said...

I love the quilt. I am trying to put together a very basic quilt made from scraps of my mom & dad's clothes. I need to cut enough squares for 5 quilts! My 2 sisters, me & my 2 nieces. It's an awesome way to hold onto memories, isn't it?
I also love your regular postings - it's so fun to check out your blog everyday!

toners said...

Thanks for sharing these with us!! How cool that each piece has its own little story and special place for you :) I really like the quilt!

Cat Street Boyz said...

I haven't gone to auctions but I do frequent second hand shops, especially Mennonite shops not far from where I live. They have a furniture shop, clothing shop and a variety shop. I have bought several pieces of furniture, large picture frames for my photos, baby quilts for the cats and books. It's like going treasure hunting. Some baby toys are fun for the boyz which I have shown in past posts. Someday I want to try quilting, it's a wonderful art. Have a great Easter weekend=^Y^=Holly(the Cat Street Boyz Mom)

Laila and Minchie said...

Treasures indeed!

Liss said...

Oh I love the kitties and the quilt. That's such a neat keepsake.