Sunday, July 13, 2008

No auctions :-(

I am have auction withdrawls! I have either had another commitment on auction days or there hasn't been anything worth going for.

So the new picture is of Copper, take by Patti G. See his freckles? It is not unusual for orange cats to have "freckles" and he has them on his nose, lips and eyelids

June was great with our Circle Journal retreat. The beach was beautiful, the classes fun, the food delicious and the company outstanding. The week went by too fast.


plg said...

I love that you put Copper at the top of your page! Thank you! My pastor was looking @ my photos & he loved Copper's look - he said he actually could see Copper smiling at him!
Give Copper some love from me! Miss you!

toners said...

Yeah Debbie - great to see you blogging again!

Copper is gorgeous! What a beautiful boy :)

Flatfish said...

Since your home sick, you can blog more. :)


plg said...

Sick - feel better soon....